CAD Structural Drafter

Our role as a  structural draftsman is to document Structural & Steel Building in Drawing.

st1Design Application
AutoCAD Structural Detailing & ArchiCAD 3D Structural Drawing
Knowledge and Experience
Earthwork, roadworks, , footings, precast, concrete structure design of project design and documentation provided required, lead their own projects when necessary, liaise with structural/civil engineers of Fiji, other drafters or structural engineering consultant and stakeholders.


Structural drafting and documentation

Country-specific templates and databases
Base structural drawings on local and regional building codes using country-specific structural detailing templates.

Solid objects in drawings
Display solid objects in structural drafting documents, including items that are typically supported by a steel structure.

Weld symbols in drawings
Create manual weld definitions in drawings using the definition dialogue box.

Schedules and material takeoffs
Produce schedules and material takeoffs automatically from drawings, or export them to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word software.

Customizationdetailing and shop drawing styles
More freely adjust the look of final shop drawings with customization styles for engineers and drafters.

Structural element design productivity

image0023D Model Design (Accurate & Save Time)
Intelligent structural objects
Automatically generate shop drawings
3D reinforcement beam design
Automatically generate views and details
Bolt, nut, and washer positioning
Intelligent reinforcement bar definitions
A CAD Structural Drafter Charges will depends on area of construction
Commercial Area (Structural Engineering):     
For Approval of Design by registered Engineer inclusion of fees will be added, for more advice contact us.