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Ms. Ruiti Tawanang (679) 9239782
Email: ruiti.tawanang@gmail.com


Bachelor of Arts_ 1993
Postgraduate Certificate in Education_1999
Postgraduate Diploma in Education_ 2007
Master of Arts in Education_ 2011

Current: Tawanang Consultant Agent
Mr. Ben
Diploma in Lands Surveying  _ (FIJI NATIONAL UNIVERSITY)
Land Surveyor Technician & Engineering Surveying,
CAD Drafter, (Proficient in Auto-CAD 2D drafting & 3D) , Graphics Soft, IT, Graphics Design.
Experience:  6 years (CAD Drafting Technician)

saki matai

Mr. Sakiusa Matai
Design Profession:
- Architecture
- Structural
- Civil (Infrastructure)
- Building Services (Specialize in Hydraulics Design)

Architectural & Engineering Design, Civil Design- , Provide Drawing Standard Specification (Australia & New Zealand Standards with Fiji Building Codes) - Provide Tender Documents by meeting the Dateline.
Experience:  27 Years


Practical thinking when I am designing to ease the work for the contractor on site as well as help the client understand the concept behind the design and the end product. This also helps in the maintenance process.We should be able to present a finished product that is both workable, energy efficient and easy to maintain and at the same time.My objective is to keep at it and leave a legacy of a practical, affordable and simple engineering.
Building Services Project Manager
August 2016 -Present My role at Edison Consultants is to oversee projects that are either on our Design Board, on Tender or under Construction. Our director and Office Manager receives these projects and once successful bidding documents are presented to the client and are received back I then take over and start the ball rolling in­house. Although a small team, our consultancy stands proud at being able to produce constructiion documents that is followed by master builders and using the latest in construction methodology. Our most current works todate is the iconic Flagstaff Plaza, the proposed Navosa Hospital and the latest edition of the Burger King franchise at the Nadi Internation Airport Arrival to name a few and not counting the ones still on the drawing board.
Managing Director
I manage the day to day running of the family engineering business.
Managing Director
May 2016 -Present 28 years working experience as an Architectural, Building Services Design Draftsman/Design Engineer, Property Officer, Driver, Logistics Specialist, Construction Manager, Joiner, Carpenter, Sports Teacher, Hydraulic Services Commissioning Specialist, CAD Manager, Artist, Structural/Civil Supervisor, Swimming Pool Hydraulic System Designer and Plumbing System Installer and Private Contractor....and still looking for opportunity. My greatest work todate is working on the modern Adult Swimming Pool at the reknowned Outrigger On the Lagoon Hotel in Korotogo on the Coral Coast. From working on the Hydraulic System design of the pool to overseeing the installation of the piping and valves specialy ordered from switzerland by B & M Patel of Nadi and included the state of the art pool pumps and sand filters by Davey of Australia.
I am proud to say that the workers belonging to the hotel undertook this awesome project without any formal training in plumbing and took it in their stride. The icing on the cake to me was the oppurtuntiy to show the management that even with the shortfall in professional plumbers within the industry to tackle the job'; my band of local village boys from within the resorts walking distance took it upon themselve to help me install, test and commission the swimming pool and hand it over to the management and today the pool is arguably one of the most visited place within the resort.
The Pool has a 'Lap Pool', a 'Water Fall' and 'Swim-Up Bar' and a 'Spa' towards the eastern end next to the pump room all beautifully landscaped to give it a tropical feel to the pool users.
Total Building Engineering Services at Irwin Alsop Pacific, BP (SWP) Fiji and kramer Ausenco (Fiji)
March 1990 -Present
  1. Commercial Swimming Pool Installation - Outrigger On the Lagoon, Korotogo, Sigatoka, recently opened adult swimming pool, design, construction supervision and commissioning
  2. Power Station Sprinkler Design for the Kinoya CAT Station and Sigatoka power station, design, construction supervision, project management and commissioning for the Fiji Electricity Authority
  3. Hotel Hydraulic reticulation design, contract supervision, project management and commissioning
  4. Multi-Storey commercial building Hydraulic reticulation, site survey, design and drafting throughout the Pacific including Vanuatu, Fiji (Tapoo City including construction supervision), Western Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea
  5. Airport Hydraulic services reticulation, design/drafting
  6. BSP Bank (Fiji) properties, site survey, design, drafting, construction supervision, project management and commissioning
  7. BSP (SWP) Headquarters, Papua New Guinea, Hydraulic services reticulation design, drafting and team leader
  8. Waste Water Treatment process and engineering documentation to Queensland Class A Quality for resorts
  9. Rain water harvesting system and reticulation design for residential and commercial use
  10. Climate Change Impact proposal documentation to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environement Programme
  11. Mining site waste water collection and on-site treatment
  12. Design and drafting experience to New Zealand and Australian Standards
  13. Sprinkler System Design for commercial building and electrical power generating plant using the NZS 4541 (2007), AS 2118.1-2006, NFPA 850 and NFPA 13 Fire Sprinkler Standard
  14. Building service commissioning of a multi-storey high rise office complex including a fully functional life safety system; a first of it's kind in the South Pacific and being part of the team from Kramer Ausenco to design, project manage and commission the office of the PNG Prime Minister formerly known as the "pineapple house".
Overall Supervision for Structural/Civil Works and Team Leader, Hydraulic Services at Construction Manager & Hydraulic Specialist at Kramer Ausenco (Fiji) Ltd
August 2008 -May 2016 (7 years 10 months) I constantly travel to the construction site to attend site meetings and try and resolve issues regarding structural and civil details required by the main contractor. It also provide me the opportunity to coordinate building services items. I also coordinate with our senior civil and structural engineers offshore with regards to complex details that require their in-put. On the Hydraulic Services, I lead a team of engineers and technicians who work on major projects as far as the highland of PNG, the Kingdom of Tonga, the Marshall Islands, the Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. As part of my role as a Hydraulic Specialist, I have coordinated works with our office in British Columbia (Ausenco Sandwell, Marine arm of Kramer Ausenco) on Climate Change Projects projects in the South Pacific; with a specialized team of Coastal & Metocean Specialist, Coastal Engineers, Coastal Modelling Specialist and deep sea dive specialist, this included logistics and technical support.
Private Engineering Contractor
February 2006 -August 2008 (2 years 7 months) I was engaged in engineering drafting for the technical project team and undertook site survey at the various BP oil terminals. This surveys included as-built and proposals for new tank base, overflow oil containment facility, pipeline reticulation including valve positioning, tank access ladders, breathers and design of new vertical as well as horizontal tanks. My position entitled me to travel the Southern Pacific to the various BP (SWP) sites.
Senior Draftsman at Irwin Alsop Pacific Ltd
February 2004 -March 2006 (2 years 2 months) I was engaged in building services drafting which included hydraulic, mechanical and electrical but I excelled in hydraulic services. I also attended site meetings on behalf of the company and liaised with contractors and sale representative for various equipment used in our projects. Some of my achievements whilst employed at Irwin Alsop Pacific was to undertake the design, construction supervision for the hydraulic services reticulation and fire services at the current Fiji Inland Revenue and Customs Authority (FIRCA) building in Nasese, Tappoo City, the Grand Pacific Hotel (original project in 2000) and Mr. Warren Chiu's Warwick Hotel luxury villas which eventually was abandoned after the year 2000 where we collaborated with an Indonesian Architectural group headed by Mr. Walter Wagner's, Habitat
Education- Ratu Kadavulevu School
City & Guilds Institute of London Advance Certificate 4, Engineering, 1985 - 1987 Activities and Societies: House Rugby Team and Senior House Prefect Tilak High School
English Language and Literature, General, 1979 - 1983 Activities and Societies: Debate, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket and Rugby