Graphic Artist Designers

Graphic Artist graphics designDesigners
· Per logo $85.00 / Design Only
· Logo Art Designers $85.00 (Depends on how complex the design is)
· Web Designers (For Small business only)
· Web Designers (Optional) $1500- $3000 +

During Our Services will provide the best for your need, We have developed a strong process that educates and flushes out important details throughout the project. The process is broken up into four main milestones we call the audit, creative, development and launch phases.

IT Service

computer service

$55.00 PC Clean, Plus Database Updated and Antivirus Installation. This cater the safe for your PC. (Professional Software Installation Advice Consultant- Services & Fees)
$95.00/hr for database recovery (lost and found)/ PC Maintenance
$50.00/hr fees consultation hours



Installation within your computer we can fix it for your benefits.

Ngkana iai uruakin am computer te kabwana are Tawanang e nang kukurei ni anga bwaina ni iboboki te boo e riai.

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