Surveying Engineering 2D Drafting & Design

balmoral st final site plan 060511 Cropped and Rotated 201011 copyEngineering Design Surveys incorporate elements from land, hydrographic and geophysical surveys. Our surveyors can work closely with engineers and planners to develop survey drawings that will be incorporated into engineering design plans.

Engineering Surveying Design Layout
- Scheme Design Plan
- Engineering Design Plan
- Road & Drainage Plan
- Storm Water & Drainage Plan
- Engineering Working Drawing
- Other Engineering Drawing

  • location of visible improvements and easements
  • condition of the adjacent streets
  • field measurement of elevations (Topography, Cross Sections, Profiles)
  • Lots Subdivision (Design)
  • presence of driveway access areas from the streets to the site
  • evidence of electrical/gas/sewer/water utilities servicing the site
  • improvements and conditions around the perimeter of the site (Are there walls/fences that follow or cross over the property line?)
  • evidence of underground contamination, dumping or site access from an adjacent property
  • whether the site is build able
  • Standard Scheme Plans
Software: AutoCAD / Related software used for drawing.
This will worked with Registered Engineers, Registered Surveyors for Scheme Plans Designs.
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