About Us


The Company is named after my grandfather (late Mr. Tawanang Tenikomumun). My grandfather was a very competent mechanic who worked as a chief mechanic early 1960s till 1979 during the British Phosphate Commission in Ocean or Banaban as it is now known. My grandfather (a hard working Banaban , I-Kiribati and a descendant of Taiwanese) is from my maternal lineage. According to my mother, Ruiti Tebwebwetewiti Tawanang, my grandfather wished to establish a company after his own name but he could not due to financial and educational constraints. And he wished that one day my mother would establish a business after his name. My mother on the 17th recommended that I renamed the company after her father, Tawanang, hence Tawanang Consultant.

Unlike my grandfather the only barrier to establishing my business was money…education was not a problem since I am a graduate in Diploma in Land Survey with the Fiji National University. But it so happened that my interest and vision began towards the love of IT.

The passion for IT began when I started education at TPAF doing Advance Diploma in Management in 2009. I learnt the concept of IT Technicians from my late uncle, James Karakaua (my father’s younger brother). James Karakaua, my mentor, shared and taught me his talents and skills which I really enjoyed and through understanding basic and advanced IT, I began to develop the passion, love and an urge to expand my knowledge for Graphics Design, Software Installation & minor trouble shooting.

In 2009 I graduated in Diploma in Lands Surveying and worked with Rupeni Consultant, Landmark Surveying Consultant, Ministry of Lands Department (Control Section) & Construction Equipment Hire (Earthworks Company). During my working experience in all these companies I learnt a great deal of knowledge in Engineering Drawing (Architectural & Structural Detailing), AutoCAD Land desktop 2009, AutoCAD Civil 3D Drawing in land development drafting and Chief Architect x6 (Exterior & Interior Design). While working in some of the construction in earthworks I was supervised by Woods & Jepson Consultant Engineers, a prominent Engineering company in Fiji. Currently, I am undertaking Degree in Civil Engineering at Fiji National University 2016 Year 1.

As years went by, I dreamt that one day, I will go into business like the companies I had worked for. I know this is the biggest challenge of my life time since I do not know how and where to begin from. But I believe in myself that I will move forward with the help of God and the financial assistance from my very mother who is a well learned personnel in Economics and History Politics and acquiring her Master of Arts in Education, 2011. My mother has been an inspiration to me. She had wanted all her children to be well educated since she believed that education is the only way forward to get more money and better living condition. Therefore, I exploited every avenue to begin and start my company and named it initially after my paternal lineage-Ben William Karakaua.

In consultation with my mother and upon her advice, I had to rename company name from Ben William Karakaua (from my paternal lineage) as recommended by my mum for reasons that she had assured me of the financial support and my late grandfather, Tawanang. I am so grateful that this came to pass when my mother assisted me with financial support to move forward. I knew deep in my heart that my dream now has started to eventuate beginning July, 2015 at my mother’s residence in a small house in Lautoka at Simla housing. The company is owned and run privately through new technologies such as sending documents online/ E-Commerce and will continue to expand.

I travelled back to Lautoka (one of the cities in Fiji) leaving my wife Naunae Karakaua and son Rewin Karakaua in Rabi (a small island in the Fiji Group) in the hope to establish a company. My wife is working as an accountant with Rabi Virgin Oil and my son is in class 1 at Tabiang Primary School in Rabi. We have agreed that we must sacrifice to fulfill my dream as a businessman to start an Engineering company to work on minor projects design.

The success of the company will depend on the team players of the company and their commitment. Today (15/8/2015), the company now comprised of my mother (Ruiti) and myself to begin with. We will slowly expand to recruit more members. Do not hesitate to contact us.